Little Tigers Classes

- Preschoolers and kindergarteners burn off excess energy while gaining greater focus and self-control.

Little Tigers class is a fun introduction to a structured environment where children (ages 3 to 5) learn to control their bodies and listen to directions. It teaches smaller kids how to focus, and develops basic listening & motor skills through fun martial arts, games, and activities. These classes for younger students are typically not as long as classes for older kids.

"As a student of Master Woo for the past six years, I have found him to be an extremely talented, attentive, responsible, and creative instructor of Tae Kwon Do. It is quite evident that his standards are high, yet he is good-natured, courteous and patient. As a teacher, Master Woo opens a new and exciting world for his students, providing them with skills and information that benefit their growth as individuals and martial artists. His hard work and commitment to the martial arts has made him a role model for his students and a positive example to the profession. " -Dale A. Girard, 3rd Dan

Why Tae Kwon Do

Better Focus • Confidence

Fitness • Better Grades

Stop Bullying • Stress Relief


Quality Family Time

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